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Amazing architect that took our concepts and turned them into dream like reality!! He recommended ideas to really enhance our outdoor California living experience!! Amazing!Read More

Michael Tebb is a Genius! His aesthetic, his design, and his team are awesome. He has never disappointed me and we have worked on several jobs together. I would recommend him to everyone because you will get the best job possible. He has done outdoor kitchens, seating, fire pits, succulent walls, waterfalls that you can sit on with huge rocks, space planning, architecture, renderings, Plantscapes that are drought tolerant, successful and beautiful. He is a wonderful man with a huge heart. Please consider him your top choice in landscape architects. I certainly do! Suzanne Warrick, INTERIORSRead More

I was general contractor on a remodel and a new house for which Michael & his crew did the landscaping. His designs were bdautiful and execution was superb. Top notch.Read More

It is an honor to write this review for Michael Tebbs Design. Photos on the Houzz page speak for themselves as they are in their no filter form. With that typed, it becomes quite obvious how well it is to work with Michael on his projects. I have know Michael for a number of years. As owner of Custom Fireplace, Patio & BBQ, I was and am in frequent communication with Michael on his landscaping projects. What particularly impresses me about Michael is his ability to multitask. There may be multiple projects going on with Michael Tebbs Design, but each one we are involved with is treated as if it is the only project. His attention to detail is something that continues to impress me. He makes sure that his subcontractors, dealers and vendors understand what Michael Tebbs Design expects in a final product. As a dealer, we know when we are called to deliver our products to the jobsite that that is the correct time and our delivery is scripted well in the schedule. I would strongly recommend Michael Tebbs Design for all home owners who expect their best interests in mind to become a reality at their home.Read More

Michael Tebb's designs always take the possibilities for the space to a higher level. The combination of his thorough knowledge of plantings and landscape potential is always enhanced by his creative/artistic genius. All projects get more than clients' thought possible!Read More

Michael Tebb Designs was a great addition to the team that helped build this grand estate in Lafayette, Ca. Their ability to work with other artisans on this project along with their vision throughout the development helped create a resort life style for this Lafayette family. The combination of Crowder Construction, Creative Environments and Michael Tebbs Design along with a very willing client made this project an award winning design that it is. I highly recommend Michael Tebbs Designs for your creative landscape needs.Read More

Mike and his great crew recently completed a second project for my wife and me. We could not be happier with the whole experience from start to finish. He acted as both landscape designer and contractor on both houses. With our first project, we gave him more specific parameters and he executed it perfectly. The second house ended up being more fun and we are even happier with the end result. We gave Mike a budget and let him have full creative control. His vast experience gives him a wealth of unique suggestions and perspectives. He is able to tailor the scope for the job whether it’s one of his large seven digit projects to a four digit budget. We can't wait to have another opportunity to work with him and his crew.Read More

I've known and worked with Michael for 30 years and he is without a doubt one of the most talented designer/landscapers I know. He gets the most out of any site and can do amazing things with landscaping, stonework, fire and water features...just to name a few. He has a great team working with him on executing his ideas and I've seen them work until all hours to pull off projects in extremely short time frames.Read More